Unparalleled Performance
TEXTfromPDF has two goals in mind when extracting text from a PDF document:  accuracy and speed.  Different extraction engines are used depending on which of these goals is most important to you. 

If speed of conversion is a critical requirement for your situation, there is no faster PDF to text extraction application on the planet! 

Don’t you hate bold claims like that?  It seems like everybody makes them.  They sound so exaggerated, so phony and they are seldom ever true.  Refreshingly, we’ve got the numbers to prove it.  We even offer you the same set of PDFs that we used so that you can verify our results on your own computer. 

Below is a graph showing how TEXTfromPDF and our competitors fared on a random set of 129 PDF documents (65 MB) found on the Internet: 

Text extraction speed test results - TEXTfromPDF completed the job in 19 seconds!
To summarize the results, TEXTfromPDF completed the job in 19 seconds!  This was 12 times faster than the closest competitor and hundreds of times faster than the slowest ones.  Other competitors were so slow and/or crashed so often that they didn’t even make it on to the graph.
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"Can I say that I have tried a number of pieces of software for transferring text from pdf documents and yours is the only one I have found so far that really seems to work."

Ian R

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