Now you can add lighting fast text extraction capabilities to your own application using the TEXTfromPDF ActiveX API.  This is the same parsing engine that is used by our TEXTfromPDF application’s “Simple Formatting” option.  Download the trial version of the application and convert some of your PDF documents to see how fast this engine is.  There is no faster pdf to text converter on the planet and we’ve got the test results to prove it.

The component has been written from the ground up using Assembly Language for the fastest possible execution.  It does not require any Adobe product like some other APIs.  As a matter of fact, it does not require any third party software.  All of the functionality is contained in one compact DLL.

The DEMO API can also be used to extract the text from MS Office documents (Word, Excel, Rich Text Format, & Power point).  You may freely test this functionality as well during your trial of the API.  Licenses for each document type are sold separately.  Contact us for MS Office document converter pricing.  The pricing shown on this page is for PDF extraction only

The API is a software development kit (SDK) that can be used via COM API to support VB, .NET, Delphi, C/C++,  etc. applications.   Any programming language that supports ActiveX can use this DLL.

Only a few simple lines of code are required to extract the text content from PDF files.

Visual Basic Sample Code:

Dim pStructure As SBSTxtLib.OutPutStruc
Dim objDocTxt As SBSTxtLib.DocCom 
Set objDocTxt = New SBSTxtLib.DocCom

Call objDocTxt.GetText("test.pdf", pStructure)

MsgBox pStructure.pText

Download the Demo SDK package and try it in your own development environment for FREE.  We’ll allow you to convert up to 100 documents.  That should be enough to show you how powerful our library is.  The demo package will install the sbstxtlib.dll and the help documentation.

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Command Line and Batch Tool:
Another great way to add text extraction capabilities to your own application is via the TEXTfromPDF application's command line interface.

When invoked from the command line, the application is hidden from view  Download the trial version of the application and review the help file topic discussion to learn more.  If you are going to be programmatically accessing the command line interface of  TEXTfromPDF, you will need to purchase a Developer License (Command Line).

Usage Restrictions:
Note that you cannot use the TEXTfromPDF ActiveX SDK to create a commercial pdf to text conversion application or to create an application that competes with any other Salty Brine Software application without the explicit written permission of Salty Brine Software.

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We found the library provided by Salty Brine Software to work well with our product, AceReader.  It is small and fast.  It does a great job of extracting text from .doc and .pdf files all in one library.  We are happy with our decision to use their product.  I might add, their technical support is also top notch.
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